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CBC: Most Toronto renters lack insurance

CBC: Most Toronto renters lack insurance: fire captain “Toronto’s fire captain, said he estimates at least 80 per cent of renters in Toronto do not have contents insurance. Most renters wrongly assume they’re covered under their landlord’s insurance” It’s called ‘personal … Continue reading

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Ralph Klein: Miss Me Yet?

National Post: Alcohol and gambling top oil and gas revenues in Alberta “Observers believe the province — facing a record $4.8-billion deficit this year — should get accustomed to a reduced royalty take in the coming years from conventional oil and … Continue reading

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Governments Shouldn’t Pick Winers & Losers

Globe & Mail: Atlantic R&D loans remain largely unpaid “About 90 per cent of federal loans given to the first group of Atlantic technology firms under a highly touted assistance program announced a decade ago are unpaid.” Governments should not be … Continue reading

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Bankrupt Health Care System

Globe & Mail: Survey finds most fear boomers will cripple health-care system “Four in every five Canadians believe that the demands placed on the health system by aging Baby Boomers will result in reduced access and lower quality care, a poll … Continue reading

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Ontario $200 Billion Debt

CBC: Ontario debt tops $200B “Ontario’s Liberal government ran a smaller deficit in 2009-2010 than predicted, but its debt is still well over $200 billion. … The province’s finance ministry said the numbers are mainly due to spending cuts and better-than-expected … Continue reading

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Nanny Health Inspectors

Globe & Mail: Food regulations put small vendors in a pickle “Anyone selling low-risk, home-prepared items, including baked goods, dried fruit, fresh produce, fudge or honey in a public place has to fill out a form listing the ingredients, the preparation … Continue reading

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Telecom Oligopoly (Bell, Telus & Rogers)

FP: Carriers must play catch-up: Clement “One way forward — abolish foreign ownership restrictions in the $41-billion sector and allow international firms and capital in, a prospect the minister is weighing and Parliament may be asked to write into law this … Continue reading

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You don’t own property – you rent it and the Government is your landlord

National Post: Bureaucratic ‘bullies’ foil annual libertarian retreat “This past July may have been the last, as the libertarians met their nemeses in the flesh: bureaucrats armed with a red tape roll full of regulations that may not only shut … Continue reading

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Human Right to Corn Dogs?

Link: Globe & Mail: Montreal theme park facing human-rights complaint over Bob Marley t-shirt ban “His grey T-shirt features a design that includes a black-and-white image of the late reggae legend and a cluster of green, marijuana-shaped leaves. La Ronde … Continue reading

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Globe & Mail: Taxpayers paid mascots’ travel tab

Link: “Meeting the demand for mascot appearances by government departments would have cost an estimated $300,000, if the suits had to be rented from the Olympic organizing committee, known as VANOC.” How exactly would the appearance of these mascots … Continue reading

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