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I started this blog out of frustration over the state of the Federal Government in Canada.  I have voted Conservative in every election (with the exception of a sudo-protest vote for the Libertarian Party candidate one year) but I have grown more and more jaded over that regardless of what party (Conservative  or Liberal) forms which type of Government (majority or minority) nothing changes.  Politicians of all parties run on a platform to keep the status quo – use tax dollars to spend on special interests to buy votes for the next election.  In the process the Federal Government gets more bloated by the minute.

For example take a browse around the official list of the approximately 149 odd Canadian Federal Government agencies and departments.  Imagine that we closed every single one of these tomorrow and did away with all of the programs and services that they offered.  Which ones of these do you think would actually directly effect the average Canadian.  I can think of only these:

If we abolish, privatize or cannibalize the rest of them into other departments or jurisdictions (Provincial or local) we could save literally $100’s of billions of dollars every year with little to no impact on the average Canadian.  If a service or program eliminated is really required the private sector or the Provincial Governments will need to step up and fill the void on a case by case basis.  The bulk of these departments only address the needs of a few special interest groups that would ultimately be more effectively met if implemented at a local level.

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