Telecom Oligopoly (Bell, Telus & Rogers)

FP: Carriers must play catch-up: Clement

“One way forward — abolish foreign ownership restrictions in the $41-billion sector and allow international firms and capital in, a prospect the minister is weighing and Parliament may be asked to write into law this fall.

The problem, some critics charge, is that it risks exposing national powerhouses like Rogers Communications Inc., BCE Inc. and Telus Corp. to foreign takeovers, perhaps unnecessarily.”

Foreign takeovers is exactly what needs to happen.  These restrictions are why we have some of the highest rates in the world.  Government intervention is why the rates are high and service is poor.  The Government should be providing a true free market that provides a high level of service at the lowest possible cost to individuals.

Maintaining these outdated ownership restrictions on all sectors not just telecom) imposes a de facto tax on the services these companies offer all in the name of ‘protecting’ Canadian ownership.

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