You don’t own property – you rent it and the Government is your landlord

National Post: Bureaucratic ‘bullies’ foil annual libertarian retreat

“This past July may have been the last, as the libertarians met their nemeses in the flesh: bureaucrats armed with a red tape roll full of regulations that may not only shut down the seminar for good, but threaten to hit the Jaworskis with as much as $50,000 in fines for using their property for reasons unapproved by government.”

I thought these silly regulations were just in big cities and municipalities.  I was wrong.  Our family recently moved from Calgary to a small community in Saskatchewan.  I wanted to build a garage and develop our basement.  I figured that there might be a small application fee with the town and that would be that.  I was wrong.  Two 10 page applications later along with drawings and a bill for over $200 later and I had my ‘approval’.  An approval to make modifications to my own property.

To make matters worse I also have to pay for a building inspector to ‘inspect’ my work.  My biggest issue with these mandatory inspections is that even if they miss something and it causes an issue down the road they have zero liability.

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