Nanny Health Inspectors

Globe & Mail: Food regulations put small vendors in a pickle

“Anyone selling low-risk, home-prepared items, including baked goods, dried fruit, fresh produce, fudge or honey in a public place has to fill out a form listing the ingredients, the preparation process, how and where it was packaged, and a sample of the product label.

Health inspectors can then test the recipes to ensure the pH levels and water content are low enough to prevent food-borne diseases such as salmonella and E. coli. After the recipe is tested once, it can be used in perpetuity as long as it isn’t changed.”

The health inspectors resources could be better spent investigating actual complaints or known offenders.  The public interests could just as well be served with a simple requirements to the effect that a notice is posted stating “the products offered for sale have not been inspected by the heath department”.  The potential buyer then can make an informed decision regarding their purchase rather than the state deciding it for them.

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