Bankrupt Health Care System

Globe & Mail: Survey finds most fear boomers will cripple health-care system

“Four in every five Canadians believe that the demands placed on the health system by aging Baby Boomers will result in reduced access and lower quality care, a poll commissioned by the Canadian Medical Association reveals.”

The health care system is crippled and is already bankrupt but no one will admit it.  In little more than a decade our elderly population will double and the policies of the past (and present) Governments are driving down the birth rate.  There are too few productive people to pay to maintain the current level of entitlements that we have.

You can blame overpaid doctors, unions etc. all you want but the reality is that the Government monopoly over health care is what is driving up costs and creating shortages.  We need a private system along side the public system where individuals with the means can pay out of pocket or purchase private insurance to provide their own coverage.  We can then focus the public system on those who cannot provide for their own coverage.

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One Response to Bankrupt Health Care System

  1. Snowbunnie says:

    Absolutely right. And every election held for years put the Liberals back in to power when ANYBODY told the truth about health care and the disaster coming.
    You could not even MENTION it without paying a heavy political price.
    And now? The reality is that we already have ‘death panels’ in this country and they are set to do a booming business as the years progress unless we are prepared to do something about it. I doubt we are. As many who call into conservative talk shows down south often say, ‘please don’t socialize your health care. We will have no place to go when we really need health care here in Canada if you do.’ And that just about nails it.

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