Ralph Klein: Miss Me Yet?

National Post: Alcohol and gambling top oil and gas revenues in Alberta

“Observers believe the province — facing a record $4.8-billion deficit this year — should get accustomed to a reduced royalty take in the coming years from conventional oil and gas”

Perhaps the province should get accustomed to cutting spending and setting competitive royalties rather than looking for the oil & gas industry to pay ‘it’s fair share’.

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4 Responses to Ralph Klein: Miss Me Yet?

  1. Russ says:

    What’s to miss? He left and Stelmach is pretty much the same. Never liked Ralph, a drunkard who did what he liked. Going to homeless shelters drunk and yelling for people to get jobs, jobs he destroyed, there’s more to Alberta than just dirty oil. Threw his money around on the floor and made a spectacle of himself, said sorry but too late, the damage was done and he showed his true colours. Miss him? Not a chance and he still pops up every once in awhile to beak off about something

    • Dan says:

      He definitely had his issues but his leadership provided for stable and predictable atmosphere for industry and he made tough cuts when they were needed. This system is needed now more then when he was at the helm.

  2. Wiser09 says:

    He was just a good ol’ boy patsy for the oil, gambling and other sleazy business. Wrecked my career. My mother died early because of his health care (or lack of)policies. He only got to be premier as he lucked in as mayor during the ’88 Olympics…and he rode that for all he could. The only good he did was get the budget back on track, and am not sure he was responsible for that. He was more or less forced to do that.

  3. CJB says:

    A true Calgarian – he made no secret of his rabid blood-hatred of Edmonton. Had he stayed for another couple of years, the Leg would have been moved to Calgary….

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