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Globe & Mail: ‘All I wanted to do is build a house’

When I first saw this article I was it was going to end badly but I was glad to see that common sense prevailed.

“In the past two years, building inspectors have hauled Mr. Morrison into court six times, each appearance more harrowing than the last. A couple of weeks ago, the provincial agency that employs building inspectors demanded that the court forcibly remove Craig and Irene Morrison from their home, that the house be bulldozed, and that Mr. Morrison be found in contempt of court – meaning, almost certainly, imprisonment.”

In the end the courts made the right move and sided with the property owner who should have the ultimate say over how one uses his own property.  I would defend the municipality if this were a commercial property where it is open to the public but in this case this was private property and if this man wants to build his own house the Government has no business interfering.

How about we start with requiring municipalities 100% liable for anything missed on a mandatory home building inspection.  This will cut down on the red tape in a hurry.  Most of them force you to pay hundreds of dollars and then send out an ‘inspector’ who does a 5 minute walk thru.

If it’s my private property it should be my choice to follow any applicable building code.  If I buy a home the building code status of a structure could be a legal requirement of the sale but the compliance to that code should be up to the buyer to decide.  As long as the buyer is making an informed choice who are we to interfere?

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