Milk Cartels

Globe and Mail: Dairy desperado goes west on raw-milk mission

“There are also set allotments, or quotas, of how many dairy cows provinces can have. Effectively a licence, they go for upwards of $30,000 per cow in Western Canada.”

Most people do not realize that there are cartels that control most of the agricultural commodities that we all take for granted.  Milk is one of them along with eggs and others.  In an attempt to prop up local agri-business and buy votes with the resulting high producer prices the provinces legislate these marketing boards that have great power over the production of end user products such as milk.  The next time you buy a gallon of milk at the store you can now see why it’s $5 vs. $3 in the USA.

Personally I would never try raw milk but if you want to it is none of the Governments business.  Require a disclaimer as part of the sale but otherwise leave these people alone.

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2 Responses to Milk Cartels

  1. John says:

    The huge tariffs and the provincial quotas on some key agricultural products are the federal government’s doing. Till they are ended the consumer will stay shafted. Harper has placed these totally off limits to any reform, he has many many votes bought and paid for with this as have many previous governments both federal and provincial. This is also holding back progress on some key trade deals as the US says, very rightly, why would be reduce our tariffs while you still have up to 240% tariffs at the border?

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