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Small Dead Animals: Canadian Wheat Board

“In September 2009, Hudye Farms filed a mandatory CWB declaration with a major grain company that all wheat Hudye Farms intended to deliver in the 2009-10 crop year would be of the CWRS class. Hudye Farms submitted samples of its wheat to the Canadian Grain Commission and received official certificates that the wheat sampled from their bins was of the CWRS class. Based on its own tests, the CWB’s grain agent confirmed the same. Subsequently, Hudye Farms entered into an 8,625 tonne CWRS wheat delivery contract with the CWB.

In March 2010, Hudye Farms began delivering their wheat. Following receipt of over 7,419 tonnes of their wheat, the CWB advised Hudye Farms that subsequent testing had determined that 122.5 tonnes of their wheat contained 23.6% of an ineligible variety (606/Granite, which is a Canadian registered variety). The CWB then downgraded 122.5 tonnes of the wheat to feed, deemed Hudye Farms to be in default, cancelled all their delivery contracts, and claimed damages on the entire 8,625 tonne contract even though approximately 1,200 tonnes of the wheat had yet to be delivered.”

Only in Canada would such a system seem normal, taken for granted and no one in any hurry to abolish it.  This great video pretty much sums up the CWB:

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