Guaranteed Annual Income

Globe & Mail: Let’s refocus on a guaranteed annual income

The last thing Canada needs is another bloated Federal entitlement program. In fact the solution is less Government entitlements. If we cut a vast majority of Federal spending (agriculture, fishing, forestry, mining, manufacturing and regional subsidies etc.) we could conceivable eliminate the income tax entirely. Add the savings of the elimination of tens of thousands of paper pushers in Ottawa and their bloated salaries, pensions and benefits and this would result in billions of dollars back (or never taken in the first place) in the pockets of Canadians.

Let the provinces and local municipalities use the now vacated tax buffer to address social issues such as these. Friends, family and private charity should be the first option for support and government should be the last. I really try not to start calling everything socialism but despite the best intentions of this type of plan it is what it ends up being. If implemented the size and scope of such a program would have no end and all it would do is further strip any sense of personal responsibility that our society is dearly lacking.

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2 Responses to Guaranteed Annual Income

  1. cmc says:

    Dan when are you going to run for something? You could start by running for Mayor of Estevan and do something about the big spenders here. You must reach more people with your message. I would support you, if you need help advertising get in touch with me. You need to write a column in a paper maybe.

  2. CJ says:

    I was very happy to see the political demise of Jean Chretien, but one of the reasons he was able to stay in power for 11 years was that he understood that most voters don’t really want any more social programs. To the best of my knowledge, he didn’t even attempt to introduce any more of them during that 11 years. Then clueless Paul Martin took over, felt he simply had to make his mark with some new money-eater in federally-subsidized daycare or early childhood education, and was soon back in private life.

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