Telus defends $37,000 roaming bill

CBC: Telus defends $37,000 roaming bill

I agree with Telus. This is not about a ‘greedy telco’ it is about personal responsibility. Canada is becoming a place where it is becoming acceptable and almost encouraged to abandon personal responsibility for your actions and choices. This woman should have known that she was going to see a big bill and Telus should not be expected to have to teach her about data usage on her phone. The iPhone even has a warning on the toggle switch that turns on data roaming: “Turn data roaming off when abroad to avoid substantial roaming charges…”

From a pure capitalistic and free market perspective I am baffled why the phone companies don’t cap data plans at some arbitrary amount rather than deal with the PR fallout from the sob stories such as this.

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3 Responses to Telus defends $37,000 roaming bill

  1. Jim Royal says:

    This story can be about personal responsibility if you see a telephone company as a force of nature, an unstoppable force, a pitiless behemoth devoid of any human qualities, rolling forward like a glacier, crushing anything in its path. Faced with such an entity, it makes sense to lecture people about their personal safety.

    Telus is not a force of nature. It’s a group of people. This is a story about how one group of people did something unreasonable to another person. Telus billed her for a lifetime’s worth of mobile phone usage for a two-week trip.

    Putting caps on the amount of money spent on a data plan is the least they could do.

    • Dan says:

      I agree with you. It’s stupid that Telus would bill someone that much or even let it get to that point.

      I am just tiered of the “it’s not my fault” defense. I would have sympathy for this woman if she went to the media and said “I must have not understood how my roaming plan was structured… look at this crazy bill!”.

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  2. Ender says:

    First of all, Telus has to pay the Egyptian phone company. And they’re not going to be able to get out of that one with a lawsuit or a plea to the media.

    Second of all, the CRTC just banned data caps for internet usage. I wouldn’t be surprised if the CRTC would block them from doing that with smart phones too.

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