2011 Federal Election

I will probably not post much on the election unless I see anything really pressing to comment on. All the parties will promise to spend billions of dollars to expand the role of government and the entitlement system.

I will be voting Conservative in the lesser of 3 evils type of stance. Some would say that I should not vote or vote for some sort of independent candidate as a protest vote. If that is your stance that is your choice. It’s my vote and I will place that X as I see fit.

I am happy to see the visiting professor Iggy stumble so badly out of the gate first by avoiding the media questions regarding the coalition issue hours after the dissolution of Parliament and they the botched press release to clarify the issue but only to continue the specter of a coalition with another minority Conservative government.

My call on the election is:

Conservatives – 164
Liberal – 62
NDP – 32
Bloc – 49
Independent – 1

Part of me is torn as to who should win this election. I dread a Liberal government (either majority or minority) but I almost want them to be in charge when the next global economic crisis hits and Canada is finally dragged into reality. They will spend billions in failed stimulus plans and heap on more and more debt. Then and only then will people wake up to the harsh reality of the situation.

Anyway…. When a candidate comes to your doors ask him or her:

– do you support further stimulus spending even if it requires taking on more debt?
– name one Federal department or agency you would cancel in it’s entirety.
– is the anything that the Federal Government can’t or shouldn’t do (i.e. passing laws, regulations, spending etc.)?

Regardless of which way you lean politically get out and vote.


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2 Responses to 2011 Federal Election

  1. cmc says:

    Ditto Dan

  2. Bob Devine says:

    I, like you will vote conservative but I think Harper has led them so far to the left there is little difference between them and the Libs. They are leading us to the poorhouse.

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