Is that Kate standing next to all the gold in the world?

From the SDA comments: “The real question is, does Kate think that gold is money?”

To put gold in perspective…

All the gold ever produced is a cube 20 m by 20 m.  Yes there is more being produced all the time but you can’t print it.

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3 Responses to Is that Kate standing next to all the gold in the world?

  1. spike 1 says:

    during ww2 there were ships sent from Britain to America with gold bullion in their holds to pay for armaments that the Brits bought from the USA. Pior to 1972 all currency was backed by gold. The major powers kept the price of gold at $36 an ounce to stop inflation. Why did you think that gold was taken from jews teeth in the camps.

  2. Ed says:

    Exactly. The elite can’t print it and control it, so they’re opposed to the gold standard. What if we just started to use it instead of the dollar or euro, without asking them?

    • taboo says:

      Well, gold ownership has been illegal or severely restricted in the US and Canada more than once in the past….that’s not the case anymore, but I’m sure our lords and masters could make it so again if need be.
      As well, there used to be a law stating that contracts weren’t legally binding if payment was to be in gold. Not sure if that’s still on the books as “dead law” or not, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it is. Governments rarely remove outdated laws, they just stop enforcing them…meaning they’re always available if they can’t find anything else to use against you.

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