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Doctor shortage plagues rural Alberta

Everyone keeps suggestion bandaid solutions to the real problem with is single payer healthcare. When you fix prices to cause shortages. It’s basic economics. Small towns have grocery stores, gas stations etc. with zero government involvement. It’s funny how the … Continue reading

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It’s time to abolish the $3.6-billion tariff tax on the poor

Not just the poor… all of us.

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Wind turbines stall at 2 federal prisons

$2.5 million to save $110,000 a year and $60,000 of repairs after only a few years of operation does not sound like a great rate of return.

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Is that Kate standing next to all the gold in the world?

From the SDA comments: “The real question is, does Kate think that gold is money?” To put gold in perspective… All the gold ever produced is a cube 20 m by 20 m.  Yes there is more being produced all the … Continue reading

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Budget Cuts

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Debt by a Million Novelty Cheques

First off required reading: Public Accounts of Canada 2010 These documents outline every dollar spent by the Federal Government.  The ones I focus on here are: Volume II – Details of Expenses and Revenues Section 6 (Transfer Payments) If you break … Continue reading

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Canadian Income Tax Distribution by Province

Update: Made the table a bit bigger Speaking of paying a fair share of taxes… Source:

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Percentage of Canadian Federal Income Tax by Income Percentile

Update 3: Welcome SDA readers (lets all test my unlimited bandwidth quote on my hosting package!) Update 2: Fixed… now with population distribution AND income % Update: It’s wrong (sort of).  The original % are of returns not income.  Working … Continue reading

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2011 Federal Election

I will probably not post much on the election unless I see anything really pressing to comment on. All the parties will promise to spend billions of dollars to expand the role of government and the entitlement system. I will … Continue reading

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Telus defends $37,000 roaming bill

CBC: Telus defends $37,000 roaming bill I agree with Telus. This is not about a ‘greedy telco’ it is about personal responsibility. Canada is becoming a place where it is becoming acceptable and almost encouraged to abandon personal responsibility for … Continue reading

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