Smaller Government

In order to eliminate waste, duplications of services and to allow the individual wealth and prosperity the Federal Government shall maintain:

1.) National Defence

The Federal Government shall maintain a defence force to protect Canadian sovereignty from foreign threats.

2.) Maintaining Law & Order

  • Enacting laws consistent with the Canadian Constitution and the Charter of Rights & Freedoms
  • Protecting individuals from theft, fraud and force in it’s various forms
  • Providing protection for personal property rights
  • Maintain a court system to remedy criminal complaints and civil disputes
  • Maintain a police force to enforce the items listed above

3.) Inter Provincial Matters

The Federal Government shall act as a mediator between disputes or overlap of jurisdiction between provinces.  The Federal Government shall not impose it’s will on inter Provincial matters where existing Provincial regulations exist.

4.) International Relations

The Federal Government shall represent Canadian interests abroad but not interfere in the internal matters of other countries.

All other matters (CPP, EI, grants, subsidies etc.) should all be transferd to the Provinces and / or local authorities.

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